We asked about the origin of  the name of the ‘Witch House’ genre, sort of, and got the answer from a reliable source, Todd Pendu:

In 2009, Travis Egedy of Pictureplane and Jonathan Coward of Shams wanted to name their own genre of music and they labeled the music they were making “Witch House”… aka dance music with witchy occult vibes. It didn’t catch on beyond their own use of the phrase until Travis did a “best of” list in late 2009 with Pitchfork Media. He mentioned that 2009 was the start of “Witch House” and that 2010 “will be straight up witchy” and suddenly thousands of readers read the term for the first time. This wasn’t really the beginning though as others have said; something really interesting and different happened here….

The “interesting” part referred above is a study in internet memes:

…there was one individual in particular (obviously not the writer of this piece) who grabbed onto the term and used the internet to spread the germ that created a new genre. In late January of this year, this individual logged on to LAST.FM and tagged 14 artists they saw as part of this dark sound including S4LEM, oOoOO, Clapsclap, Mater Suspiria Vision, Zola Jesus, and more.

Read the rest of the story in the comprehensive piece over here.

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