Speaking of Prodigy, as someone born somewhere in the 80′s I craved, received and love Prodigy. As a proper hipster now, I would of course deny liking a band that made it to all the huge stadiums, but I’ll be honest and admit that their sound was what got me out of the Nirvana funk.

They appeared on the news radar today on NME with a new remix of 99 problems by Jay-Z, and well, the original is not anywhere near the best Jay-Z song, but it’s popular and with the new book tour I guess it’s timely placement.

The new Liam Howlett  remix is just not good, it’s all major chords, sped up as if it’s a light hearted song. As if it’s positive, full of discovery: “oh gee wiz, I have some problems but at least I get some sexy pussy, so damn kid, life is good.” The original is of course: “everything I do is a problem, I get pulled over because I’m black, I can’t do what I want because people judge me before I get a chance to say anything.”  The most positive word from the original song to describe this remix is, saccharine.  You do understand that this person has 99 problems, don’t you?!

This is a good song by Biggie, it’s not at all related to the mix, but there is a sadness and seriousness in the beat* even before his words. A lot more is being said in American by the two original artists than by the remix musicians, who while capable, aren’t seeing the same quality of life patrols.

*it’s basically made with chopsticks, clarity, it’s relaxed but it warns you of the danger to come.