First of all, yes, this is the druggiest video since the Prodigy’s ‘Smack My Bitch Up’, but the overtones here are a lot more about torture with drugs and that drugs are torture. This is astute in an American overdoing way.

A pizza guy is trying to deliver some pizza and he gets water/cholophorm thrown in his face, tied to a chair and smeared with black paintt and white powdery substance by a person who is already covered with black pain and had presumably taken much of white powdery substance.

A chinese restaurant delivery guy suffers the same fate. Both have no decision in taking any drugs or being painted or having their heads shaved. Drugs will infiltrate you without you choosing them just through you environment. In the Smack My Bitch Up video it was all up to the character/avatar to take those drugs, here they are force fed to the strapped down guys.

But the beginning of the song has a phone conversation to a 911 line that goes like this:

“I think we’re dying”
“How much did you take?”
“We made brownies”

No one had ever overdosed* on marijuana, but everyone who smoked or ate pot brownies had experienced the feeling that “will never end, and is the end of the world as I never even knew”, before experiencing twenty minutes later the combination of fruit roll ups together with pretzels as the best tasting thing.

This is a joke and a poke at the general paranoia about drugs, yes there are dangers, but no, no one will ever make you do expensive drugs for no reason. Most, 99.9% of the decisions about drug use in your life are yours to make, yes peer pressure, but people are not trying to stuff you with drugs for free.  If you know some that are, send me their number.

*Maybe some bad decisions that led to a death, but come on, vodka!, vodka kills people every damn day, always, every day.

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