Zoos of Berlin, ah the Zoos,


I embarrassed myself enough by fainting/falling/peaking at their last song, the camera had to be taken away from me so that’s not the video of them that I’m posting, it’s a different song, my fave and probably yours is “Juan Matus”. Yes, they show so “too much” discipline but at the resolution you shall be resolved, it will be properly done, all the messy bits are in the goo up in your head and yet it’s so fun to dance with it.

Food Stamps, duh, first of all these are right now the most pop-nimble fuckers, smart, unapproachable and then familiar.


Creative in the ways that they will undo you. Those are the Food Stamps. Terrible name right?, Oh it’s Thanksgiving, people are poor, some people are on food stamps, well, yeah, the Food Stamps are also on food stamps, so obviously buy one of their records. If you’re feeling better than me and righteous at the same time than you are feeling sanctimonious. So,

It’s time to donate some money, we did these three:

Dogs – Angels in Fur

Families – Julie’s Family Learning Program. (as in women not getting beaten by men, men getting beaten by women, neither getting beaten by either of their sex, etc., education stuff)

Haitians, miners and you.

If you donate to any of the above and send us a receipt we’ll double your donation.

Nike7Up, well cheers to you friend for dealing with the world of pop culturalismims in the most appropriate way:


Highlighting its explosions and making great tracks out of it. There are moments when all that I see in these videos is the little me when I ran away from home after crashing a car into a blind person’s house and decided to walk from New York to Las Vegas because that is where dreams are made. Years later I read some awful treatise that was supposed to tell you what is real and what is a bullshit real by Umberto Eco, it was called Travels in Hyperreality. Thank god I actually had a brain to see things with because when the French and Italian philosophers come to US and start documenting all the strange things about it, forget it, they never get anything right. They talk all about the isles full of groceries that are the same but look different, hilarious right?!?!, wow, Disney castles don’t look like your shitty Italian castle but they still made it, fuck, that was just the most useless book ever written. (Ok, Traveling with Salmon is good, it’s a concise reader cause it’s short stories and you don’t have to bother with Foucault’s Pendulum, because you know what? Just read Foucault instead.)


Hi Umberto, would you like to know what is good about United States of America? Booze, broads, bulls and books, the exchange of information will drive you somewhere, ya fucking diluted bastard. Also, your soundtrack is now the sad Salem song, you overwrought dick.

Can we do a toast now?