Some of these new bands have totally screw-gazey sounds and take on all of these occult belief systems, like: “don’t fuck with our creative process” and “no, thank you, I don’t want 10% in return for your ownership of all of my work.” Salem (S4lem!), is definitely one of these devil mongers of individuality and they just played in a big-ole church in the Shoreditch neighborhood of London. So how did it go?

Marco Lockmann of Riot Of Perfume writes:

either by excess of “chemical refreshments” or for the effect of playing in a huge 17th century church (how they manage to have Salem playing at an actual church with “Christ in the heart of Shoreditch” as its motto is beyond me…hail to the UK promoters – who also manage to install a bar at the basement of the church) – the show was way more contained than NYC….
The only  thing was that Jack [Jack Donoghue, Ed] fronted most of the show….and here, singing at the foot of a  5 meter crucifix it does sound and look too terrestrial….and the public here 99% goth/witch ravers was way more reverential than willing to dance…. If in NYC the “King Night” was the song of the night…in London,  ”Killer” was the song of the night: slow-motion violence, subdued…
The impression that I have is that they are what they are and they don’t give a fuck about show business or put-on-a-good-impression or so. (it’s a bit like what they used to say about Iggy Pop (obviously not true now but…) that even if he wanted to sell-off completely he wouldn’t know how to do it.)
Apparently the night before – they played in a small club for around 50 people and the reviews were positive – mentioning something like “slowdive with sex”….
I would say that 70% of the public left a bit disappointed….but on the other hand 99% of people at the show were already convinced that this is probably the album of the year….

Churches, they were made to make you all better!

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