Disaro records is the brainchild of Robert Disaro, who released Salem stuff back in 2007 and appears in this fine NY Times article on the topic of DJ Screw and Houston and parking lot parties. Disaro has been keeping on top the screw-drag-gaze sounds, so this compilation may be at the forefront, containing the best of the new and yet to be heard artists. Looking through the artist list, the names have enough † and ‡s to fill a small cemetery, well actually, that’s just the name of the artist behind the opening track: †‡† – “Misery Walk”.

Witch House Light Switch - What You Don't Have One Yet?!?

Witch House Light Switch - What You Don't Have One Yet?!?

The compilation is melancholy and I guess, a bit sentimental, but in the way it feels to be walking through the fast-paced bullshit into the molasses of your pre-dream/high thoughts when you’re suddenly floating, flying or just not giving a fuck about outer world stress. It sounds very good played as a whole in one sitting, but lacks something that would puncture the mix to set apart the artists, or just disturb the sound to give it more dimension.

White Ring – IxC999 by Robot Elephant Records

The highlight track is from White Ring; they are currently the “darlings” (should I follow a goth convention and call them the “unloved” ones?) of the Witch House genre. It seems no musician likes to say they are a part of said genre, but is applied by everyone to them, so it’s kind of like being a hipster in that way. The genre is right now going the whole death rock, cold wave, grave wave, sniffle fizz route,  splintering and diversifying in ever more creative names, and the sound is unifying and starting to feel like a uniform, but it’s still the fun-est thing in town. There are so many new acts coming out that a joke by multiple platinum record seller and popular American entertainer Adam Green on twitter sounds like a truthful summary:

Yet the musicians in the drag/wave gaze scene are very persuasively screwing themselves into the collective unconscious.

The ISVOLT compilation is available for pre-order on Vinyl, CD , DVD or digital download from Robot Elephant Records.

*The joke has since been removed from Adam’s twitter stream, no word yet if this was his own choice or if the twitter dirty word hall monitor removed this automagically.