There’s something about the psychedelic blend of Brazilian sounds and suspenseful, exotic electro that draws us in immediately. The Crystal Ark, featuring Gavin Russom from LCD Soundsystem, premiered their latest video for the track “The City Never Sleeps” today on FADER.

Those Brazilian sounds crept up on DFA stalwart Gavin Russom after he spent five weeks traveling the country. He became enamored with the music he’d discovered and also used it to bounce off new inspirations for his newest tracks. The Brazilian music that infused Russom’s sonic explorations “included forms as eclectic and varied as Carioca Funk, atabaque drumming, Tropicalia and South American style rave.”

Meanwhile, Russom was “working toward a sound in the image of seminal tracks from Praga Khan and Nikki Van Lierop, with special inspiration taken from their Phantasia “Inner Light” and “Violet Skies” 12″s. The material that grew out of these disparate inspirational points – and became The Crystal Ark, Russom’s latest project– is a perfect distillation of those varied sounds into infectious, spellbinding dance floor music.”

“The City Never Sleeps,” is The Crystal Ark’s first 12″ release (on DFA Records), with Viva Ruiz’s vocals shaping the track’s intensity of visions found in dance and dreams. The video, with stark images of industrial framework that plays of closeup shots of the track’s more human, frail themes, is just as mesmerizing as the track itself.