Thanks to TDK and its Life on Record Chronicles series, the Strokes have been documented having a Rob Sheffield and Nick Hornby moment, waxing nostalgic on the art of the mixtape, guilty pleasures included. Nick Valensi played Nirvana for friends in France, Julian Casablancas loved Soho’s 1990 dance-pop gem “Hippy Chick,” Albert Hammond, Jr. taped Wham! for his mother, and Fabrizio Moretti likens mixtape mavens to alchemists. Valensi, who remembers rocking “big ass headphones,” offers insight on the need for the “right pen” to write down the tracklisting and running out of space, while Hammond remembers owning the yellow, water-resistant Walkman that he would use when riding in a car in Los Angeles and being forced to endure a radio station he didn’t care for.

As for other select songs, Moretti fondly remember’s Poison’s “Fallen Angel,” Nikolai Fraiture’s first mixtape song was Frank Sinatra’s “My Way,” Valensi’s was Living Color’s smash 1988 hit  “Cult of Personality,”  and most of the guys even hilariously cop to having an obsession with hair metal like the rest of us growing up. (And yes, Jules, Warrant’s “Heaven” is indeed amazing.)

One fascinating reveal toward the end of the video is Jules’ admission that Pearl Jam’s classic and unintelligible ballad “Yellow Ledbetter” played a key musical influence on his path to rock and roll stardom.