Last month we excitedly announced the return of Only Son – the nom de plume of former Moldy Peaches guitarist Jack Dishel, who is set to release his sophomore effort, Searchlight, on January 18th.

Recently, Dishel premiered the video for Searchlight’s “It’s A Boy,” directed by Peter Sand, and co-starring Boardwalk Empire’s fetching Aleksa Palladino (“Angela Darmody”) in a haunting, soul-stirring meditation on one of the scariest and most controversial medical debates in recent history: whether or not parents should have the ability to henpeck an embryo’s DNA. The video follows the oddly cold and institutional process of machinery and test tubes as they relate to a couple’s search for the perfect bouncing baby boy. A must-watch, a necessary conversation. And hey, we all want to have something else to row about with the family over the holidays, right?

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