The church, recent inductees to Australia’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, are keeping up with their 30th anniversary celebrations by returning to the U.S. to play three of their full classic albums for two nights at the Highline Ballroom on Wednesday, February 16th and B.B. King’s on Thursday, February 17th.

The band will cover the last decade with their album Untitled #23, and go back in time, performing fan favorite, Priest=Aura, topped off with their classic album, Starfish.

Remastered reissues of the band’s early albums will now also be available in the US along with more current releases via Second Motion Records. These shows are the church’s first U.S. appearances since their spring 2010 acoustic tour.

“[the church] scrambles the real and the surreal with ease, rattling its stately guitarchitecture with howling north-wind echo and the troubled undertow of [Steve] Kilbey’s enigmatic lyrics.” -David Fricke, Rolling Stone