Heat-seeking Swedish quintet The Sounds are set to release their latest – and fourth – irresistible and slinky electro-pop juggernaut, Something to Die For, on March 29, 2011 via SideOneDummy Records in conjunction with the band’s own imprint venture, Arnioki Records. Self-produced (for the first time) in the band’s home studio turf of Malmo, Sweden, Something to Die For is mooted to be “a proud 10-song collection that teems with their insignia of sassy punk/electro sing-alongs and plenty of attitude.”

 A U.S. tour is on track to coincide with the release of the album. Dates to be announced shortly.


“It’s So Easy”
“Dance With The Devil”
“The No No Song”
“Better Off Dead”
“Something To Die For”
“Yeah Yeah Yeah”
“Won’t Let Them Tear Us Apart”
“The Best Of Me”
“Wish You Were Here”

(Photo by Kirsti Anna Urpa)

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