For Scottish ballad rockers, Broken Records have an undeniable lust for sweeping Americana orchestrations, with lush choruses, sad, serene country girl/boy duets (such as on “Dia dos Namorados!”) and an overall penchant for plaintive songs that strike awe into the listener with a heady of balance of falsetto notes and quiet, meditative passages. Though the band’s first album, Until the Earth Begins to Part, was over-the-top in its earnestness and epic flourishes in parts, this time, they pulled it back in all the right places to create a balanced album that spins universal tales of heartbreak and joy. “A Darkness Rises Up”, a resonating standout, is ready for its close-up, so to speak. It should have a film built around it since it plays out in such rich, cinematic waves. Cue the strings. It’s quite a triumph. (4AD) –Madeline Virbasius