Tonight at Cameo, (one of the least “to be avoided” on Friday N6th St. places), and starting around 9PM, there are a few good bands. You may know we’re already fans of SOARS and after this, may become fans of a bunch of these other acts.

It will cost you $8 bucks to get inside, or you can try the back entrance, whatever level of entry depends solely on I guess your wallet and/or the ability to convincingly pull off “I’m the light guy” or “I’m the drummer”, so practice in front of a mirror and try not to say it in front of the actual drummer. Also, we totally don’t advocate any of this back entry stuff, it’s just 800 cents and it greatly helps the bands and the people who make it happen.

The line up:

08:00 – Kohwi
09:00 – Yanqui
10:00 – Autre Ne Veut
11:00 – Headless Horseman
12:00 – tooth ache.
01:00 – SOARS
02:00 – Com Truise & Teeel

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