Cat’s Eyes, a new duo formed by Rachel Zeffira, a London-based, Canadian soprano and classical multi-instrumentalist, and Faris Badwan, the strikingly bad-ass singer from British psych rock band, The Horrors. The band’s eponymous debut album, which will be released on May 3rd via Cooperative Music USA/Downtown Records, boasts to be “a romantic pop masterpiece fit to dine at the same table as mid-’60s productions by Phil Spector, Joe Meek or Shadow Morton, but with a fiercely modern, experimental premise…” Ah, what sweet music they make.

Cat’s Eyes first live appearance occurred, of all places, at St Peter’s in the Vatican this December. There, shrouded in secrecy (well, the Pope didn’t know about it anyway), they performed a reworked version of their song “I Knew It Was Over” during an afternoon mass attended by several high-ranking cardinals. Footage from their Vatican “appearance” can be caught at