Ordinary Alien is 80′s pop icon Boy George’s latest release and his first artist album in ten years. It’s a fresh and impressive set of tracks boasting Boy George & his co-writer/producer Kinky Roland’s unique production and songwriting talents. First track, “Amazing Grace”, will be released in two parts, with the first part being unveiled now.  Check out the video here. The album will be released digitally on Ultra Music on February 1st.

Kinky Roland, if you aren’t familiar with the name, has been producing hit tracks and remixes with some of the biggest names in Dance music, from Bananarama to Marc Almond, John Taylor, and of course Boy George, for decades.

The ever-evolving Boy George, who began in London’s chart-topping band Culture Club, (a band who’s re-uniting in 2012 for a world tour to celebrate their 30th Anniversary), has sold over 50 million albums and has had top 10 hits in every country. Over the decades, the self-proclaimed “karma chameleon” has reinvented himself as singer, actor, DJ, artist, photographer, fashion designer, never stepping too far from the spotlight. One of his latest ventures was taking on a track for Mark Ronson’s album The Business International.  He’ll be appearing live with Ronson at London’s The Roundhouse on February 16th.

  1. I been a fan of yours sense the 80′s and i was wondering are you ever going to make a big come back? I remember when you first came out, I thought to my self. He’s going to be the biggest star ever. I wish you the best of luck and may god bless you always.


  2. The last album by Boy George since 10 years. This is not quite accurate, the latest album by Boy George goes back in fact to 2005 under the pseudonym The Twin. Instead, earlier in 2002 had come out “U can never b2 straight” mostly then a reshuffling of old tracks already published in other previous albums or as singles then a whole new album. The album came out five years ago under the pseudonym The Twin called Yum Yum was instead a real new album consists of 13 new electro-dance tracks. In this new “Ordinary Alien” we find the same principle of “U can never b2 straight” that is an excerpt from The Twin album plus singles or tracks already out in years from 2002 to 2009. So we can not talk about new album but rather a collection. All songs were remixed in a very commercial dance-90′s sound. It is not light if the Boy is so cutting edge ahead of its time bringing to the fore the 90s or more which remained trapped in the sound of a decade ago?