These trippy Norwegians are the funk-pop-electro-dance amalgams known throughout the world as festival faves who don red track suits and alien-like specs, but that doesn’t stop DATAROCK from seeking inspiration from a great American classic, “Catcher in the Rye”. They’ve borrowed that title for their latest EP single, which will soon be known as the “most extravagant single in history.”

On March 21, the single will be released not just as a music file, but as a designer toy with a USB stick that features 110 tracks, 1500 photos taken at their shows in 33 countries, 20 music videos, and Never Say Die, a new, hour-long concert film. For the traditionalists out there, the single will also be released as a digital 5-track EP. The USB version, however, features the EP, the new album Music For Synchronization, both of their previous albums with bonus tracks, the new Lost and Found b-sides and rarities compilation, 15 new instrumentals, and the 40 track remix album Mixed Up. It’s almost too much bang for the buck!

The toy was created by Brian Flynn at Hybrid Design and San Francisco based pioneer company SUPER7. The band are offering the song “Catcher in the Rye” as a free MP3 here.

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