It is with a heavy heart that I type these words: the White Stripes officially announced their split today with a heartfelt statement posted on the duo’s official website.

On a personal note,… in 2002, Jack and Meg torpedoed themselves into my heart and hips with “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground”  and never left. As many die-hard fans, supporters, and admirers did during the final moments of Under Great White Northern Lights, while Jack sings a devastating rendition of ”White Moon” as Meg weeps beside him at the piano, I, too, wept. And now I’ll weep even harder knowing that this genuine display of emotion and long-simmering band tensions is all we’ll have left to go on. No matter what their reasoning is for the split, and thank God they are both healthy, the music world just lost one of the finest and most inspiring and unquestionably prolific bands in American history.

Thank you for everything, Jack and Meg. I’ll miss you. God bless.