White Ring, Von Haze, Blissed Out are all a sonic beauty. Photo Credit L/R Erez from WeirdMagic C NVR MND

Photo Credits: (L/R) Erez from WeirdMagic, (C) NVR MND

There was one moment, I think it was during the Aaron K DJ set before White Ring was due to go on, the lights were pulsating at the “Warning; If You’re Prone To Seizures, You Are Having One” level, that I heard a girl right next to me let out a very loud shriek. I stopped, pulsated and moved toward the direction of the scream. It turned out she’d just spotted a “veeeerrrrryy good friend”, and as all living beings have done for millions of years, announced this fact to everyone at full tilt.

S!ck Crowd

White Ring. Photo Credit: NVR MND

White Ring. Photo Credit: NVR MND

There was one particular moment in the evening when I started to feel cured of all of the weakness, nausea, and boredom infecting me. It was after the enigmatic performance-session Shams (Jonathan Coward) conducted, calming everyone, many sitting in rapture around his space (Travis Egedy sublimely supporting his side). He told his story about the creation of Witch House, underscoring facts intertwined with the songs, like the snake oil salesman who deftly handles snakes and people alike and whose words are the cure. Once I stepped back, the whole place looked like a scene from a crime thriller showing what those evil, rudderless, immoral kids are up to in their crazy nightclubs that are open after dark. It was cinematic.

Shams. Photo Credit: Todd Pendu

Shams (L), Pictureplane (R). Photo Credit: Todd Pendu

[Shams - Live


And right after this, it seems, Von Haze (Travis Caine and Katherine Kin) went on and played the way that makes everyone else realize that all they want is to one day assault the stage like this. It was inspiring. Their set was a calm lake in the moment a booming blaze from an underground volcano swallows it whole. Afterwards, those who didn’t know who they were stopped me to ask, “who was that?”

Von Haze at S!CK (Photo Credit: Teresa Samson)Von Haze. Photo Credit: Teresa Sampson

Von Haze at S!CK. Photo Credit: Teresa SamsonVon Haze. Photo Credit: Teresa Sampson

Let’s watch some of this on video, and please note as I so often must note, that the sound captured by a Sony DCR-XSmall camera is absolutely not a match for either capturing audio or capturing audio that was booming down three blocks away from Santo’s.

[Von Haze - Live

Video by Andy McGowan


Blissed Out just released their first record, 3Mpir3 §†Å†3 (Empire State), and this was, let’s say, it was their record release party. That record is mind vaporizing, get it here for your digital collection and here for your real record collection and stay tuned. These boys stealthily unleashed their visceral vicious sound, puncturing the dark organic trombonal moans with infectious dance hooks that are like dream glimpses, just enough to get lodged in your sound memory and make you wish to hear that shit again and again. They kept bringing the aural landscape right to the precipice of resolution and then at the last moment denying the deep plunge, repeating this slowly, closer to the edge each time. A writer once told me that there are only two times when one should delay the ending, and one of them is when writing a short story. Obviously, he wasn’t a musician.

Blissed Out. Photo Credit: Teresa SamsonBlissed Out. Photo Credit: Teresa Sampson

Blissed Out Video Projections. Photo Credit: Erez @ WeirdMagic.bizBlissed Out Video Projections. Photo Credit: Erez from WeirdMagic

Behind Blissed Out were their video projections, which I couldn’t see in their entirety as I unfortunately positioned myself behind them. What I did see involved what is called a “fucking machine”, so back and forth that went for a bit. A friend, John Burke, wrote in after the show with an interesting observation on the nature of dancing, his initial words to me were: “this is actually very danceable”, which I will quote here in full:

I’ve thought a lot about it recently, about combinations of influences, characteristics, etc. the particular music that was playing when I said this might be the most interesting thing to dance to that night was in fact quite danceable; it was only a question of how one would dance to it. I suggested a ‘marching band’ influence, and in support of that statement I mention ‘tusk’ by fleetwood mac.

…makes one think of goosestepping, and cheerleaders, all of whose movements contain elements that could have been used while dancing to that particular piece of music.

in another sense this is one of the basic principles of characterization; take a recognizable feature and exaggerate it.

And I agree with him with regard to Blissed Out, particularly that the experience of being live with their sound in the same room is injected with their myriad of variation in their music, limbs akimbo, attempting to move separately, trying to catch on.

[Blissed Out - Amber Alert - Live



Blissed Out. Photo Credit by Erez of WeirdMagic.Net

Blissed Out. Photo Credit by Erez of WeirdMagic.Biz

Yelper Emma B wrote in on the Santo’s Yelp page:

My favorite Santos memory is resting my elbows on the stage and watching Blissed Out while two half naked girls made out behind me. This is typical.

Dancing. Photo Credit Erez at WeirdMagic.biz

Dancers. Photo credit Erez @ WeirdMagic.biz

Thomas with John Holland

Thomas El’Matador and John Holland (Salem). Photo credit Erez @ WeirdMagic.biz

Reveler (Witch House)

I wonder if the maitre d’ insisted on the electrical tape. Photo Credit: NVR MND

Todd Pendu and Friend. Photo Credit: Erez from WeirdMagic.bizTodd Pendu and Thalia Marvos. Photo Credit: Erez from WeirdMagic

Morgan Shay Puts all her funds into her arms. Photo Credit: NVR MND

Morgan Shay puts all her funds into her arms. Photo Credit: NVR MND

Becka Diamond,  Jermaine Jaggger (his outfit in the dark was skirts and shiny jackets layered in fractals),Cool Hand Luke and El Rex provided amazing DJ sets between the bands (Anton Glamb got started after). It was dark, it was  synth, it was full on dance tracks, goth, dark wave and all over again like a python eating a roller coaster. At one point someone in the DJ booth put on a White Ring track, which I thought was hilarious (and a great sign) because White Ring was next playing live.

White Ring (Kendra Malia and Bryan Kurkimilis, who at one point had to be helped through security after buying a bag of potato chips, as often performers don’t get stamps on their hands when they are playing the venue) were on next. Their set was appropriately late, in front of fans dancing, screaming, going nuts, crowding the stage and being absolutely cathartic (or as I mis-spoke after the set when talking to Bryan “cathartic, I guess” to which he, retorted without a pause “thanks, I guess.” The “I guess” on my part was due to searching for the best word to describe this high state I was feeling, due to their set).

Whyte Ring. Photo Credit: NVR MND

White Ring. Photo Credit: NVR MND

White Ring. Photo Credit: NVR MND

White Ring. Photo Credit: NVR MND

[White Ring - Live

LxC9999, Video by Andy McGowan (youtube)



Shams & Pictureplane. Photo Credit to Erez from WeirdMagic.biz

Pictureplane (Travis Egedy) sets up tracks with Shams looking over his shoulder scarfing down a Big Mac. Girls were dancing on stage, finally, Pictureplane reigniting another riot of energy. Cool Hand Luke got in a good set afterwards but Anton Glamb was cut off early somehow. It seemed like there was so much time and then there was none. Rather unfortunate, but hopefully a sign of a much longer night next time.

[Pictureplane - Live


Travis (Pictureplane), Madeen Stella, Andrew Deady Backstage. Photo Credit: Erez from WeirdMagic.bizTravis Egedy (Pictureplane), Madeen Stella, Andrew Deady, Backstage. Photo Credit: Erez from WeirdMagic

[Backstage at Santo's - Jonathan of Shams and Bryan from White Ring throw a camera around. People chill.


Ainoe and Vala. Photo credit, unclaimed, please claim

Vala Durvett (R) did a great job at the door, seriously, kept everything together, on time, on point, hire this girl for anything. On the left is Ainoé Daku. Photo credit is unknown to me yet, if yours, please email and we’ll properly assign.

Santo and Reverelers.

Santo and revelers./ Photo credit: NVR MND.

Elle Rex and Aaron K. Photo Credit NVR MNDAaron K. Photo Credit NVR MND

Tom and Amy (Foodstamps). Photo Credit NVR MND

Tom and Amy from FOOD S†ΔMPS. Photo credit: NVR MND.

Cool Hand Luke is spinning the globe to see where he lands the next morning.

Thanks a million to all who came, a thousand million thanks to all who performed and a big wow kiss to Santo’s and their awesome staff, see ya next time fuckers.

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Photo credits to Erez @ WeirdMagic, Todd Pendu, NVR MND and Teresa Sampson.

( hey, let’s do this more)

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