The fourth release from Portland, OR’s alt-country outfit Dolorean plays like an intimate gathering of friends spanning time under the setting sun on a breezy afternoon in a wheat field. Refreshing in its candor and windswept minimalism, The Unfazed tackles heartbreak, resentment and resilience with a true grit in the truest sense all thanks to lead singer-songwriter Al James. Perennially flying under the radar save for the small but devoted following he has built around his hometown and the world, James should by now be mentioned in the same breath as Jeff Tweedy and Ryan Adams, but this kind of widespread attention has so far eluded Dolorean’s type of hang-dog country blues. The 10 jams that make up The Unfazed primarily feature guitar, piano and world-weary quietude as a badge of honor; standouts such as “Thinskinned,” the title track and “If I Find Love” are richly observed, given to flight, and allowed to breathe without the unnecessary meddling of studio accoutrements. Album centerpiece “Country Clutter” is a fount of well-worn, drafty observations on the brokedown palaces of our shared domiciles and romantic entanglements, with James singing, “If you find anything I left behind, well you can have it/May it clutter up your life/the way you cluttered up mine.” Shades of Neil Young and a harvest moon pop up now and again, but not to Dolorean’s detriment; these are stately ditties of rue and woe designed to get under the skin and pierce the heart. (Partisan Records) –Carrie Alison