This is Beacon, made up of Tom and Jake, performing live at Public Assembly. I’m very quickly becoming entranced with their sound, it’s a dash of soul layered over well-composed electronic tracks and the backing video is both mesmerizing and additive to the performance.

When I asked them what the title of the above song is they had to think for a bit, it’s a new track, and came back with “Not a Witch”. The lyrics use some of the whacked commercials by the anti-masturbation candidate to any tea party/cauldron that will have her, Christine O’Donnell. She also makes a brief appearance in the background video, to my knowledge this track is the first positive thing Christine O’Donnell had started (except perhaps for that whole hilarious and disturbing over sharing story on Gawker).

Expect to see a lot more of good things from Beacon who join Blissed Out (the two bands are friends) and many other current pioneers in transferring electronic music production to a fascinating stage set.

Look up Beacon on Facebook and on Myspace.

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