There are many good things to say about the party. For instance, its entire idea and aesthetic comes from the right place in nightlife (watch the Blade intro video below). The music is new, progressive, dark yet enthusiastic and fun, and I love all things juxtaposed.


The flier designs by Imp Kerr were the second thing that made me pay attention, yet the first probably was the entry price, $2. Two dollars! You have two dollars, you are young and cool and broke, I understand, I’m right there with you, but you definitely have $2 to listen to cool shit. Back to the flier, Imp Kerr is a Swiss/New York design bad ass who would write out lengthy discussions on Heidegger in between party reports over at the Stereo Hell site¬†that made me really really want to go out with her group of friends. She first gained notoriety with her fake American Apparel campaigns in SoHo which finally pushed the ads for that company to the porn level with explicit but oh so tasteful line drawings of sexy babes and vulvas and nipples. So now you know, even the art behind the party stands on its own.

Blacky II, the main music doctor, is constantly¬†clamoring to make it rain blood on the dance floor, and he’s been succeeding with this and all of the other events he’s into. And a note about Ana Popescu, the Aesthetics coordinator for the event, she’s the one who is so into the opening to Blade club scene, so she’s definitely in the right frame of mind for me.

Next Rinsed! Party is this Friday, March 11th at Public Assembly in Brooklyn. Check details and some mixes on the site here.

  1. Where is it>


    zabatay Reply:

    @gretch, 70 North 6th St. Brooklyn. Public Assembly. There are two entrances, the one that goes to the back will be for Rinsed. Just ask someone when there.