Light Asylum played last Saturday at Coco 66 in Brooklyn, the venue was packed and over capacity by the time we got to the door. We caught up with a few good friends, waited for a drink at the bar next door, walked around Franklin St. looking at things of interest to send to, and found people to bribe to let us take their place inside. Inside, past the bar and through the sound proofed glass wall the venue had the feel of a terrarium in Florida, in August. The anxious humidity created the opposite effect of seeing your breath in the cold air, every lens either worn or used on a device immediately fogged, adding to the steam from the moisture off of a hundred leather jackets, sweaters, shawls and scarfs.

The first two songs from Light Asylum were almost soft and sweet, then they delved deeper into some of their darker material providing asylum for the light, the audience was going wild. The audience was going wild for the whole set actually. The video above is from later in the set, check it out for a feel and see them at one of their next shows, quite a few around the world areĀ listed on their page for the upcoming months.