Drawn From Bees

Since we arrived to find a half-empty Bowery Ballroom with its Oz crowd chilling sit-in style during one of the acoustic acts that happened just after Grand Atlantic opened the day’s events, my trusty photographer and I decided to skip out for a quick mimosa at a French café across Bowery. We reentered upon an energizing set from the dapper Drawn from Bees already in full sway, yet half the crowd was still sitting in a Sunday early afternoon daze on the hardwood floor. At least they were charmed enough to stay watching the band instead of hanging downstairs in the bar. Kudos to Drawn from Bees not only for bringing some head-bobbing but also some dressing up for the party, with band members complete in velvet jacket, tux shirt and dandy scarf.

Friendly Meat Pie Men

We were perplexed as to where one would actually set up the barbie in a venue like Bowery, thinking it would perhaps happen on the Delancey sidewalk outside the door. I guess this was far more of a challenge than it seemed, since there was nary a hot Aussie morsel to be had. Instead, fans had to satiate themselves on $7 Dub meat pies or bust (through to the restaurant world outside). There was really no sign of this being an Aussie event except for the accents heard around the room and the bands themselves. Not even an Aussie BBQ banner or t-shirt vendor was in plain sight. Perhaps it was all packed up or en route to Texas.

Paul Dempsey

We got here perhaps too early in the day, and it being a Sunday, couldn’t stay standing in the dark venue ’til evening for the bigger acts, such as the sure to please Little Red, soul stalwarts Blue King Brown or hip-hop act, Bliss N Eso. Somehow, be it the post-SXSW desire to relive the good life, or bands like Children Collide or the wacky Goons, or the airy, BBQ-friendly Bell House as venue, last year’s Brooklyn event far surpassed this sleepy Sunday time. Amongst the first-half acts we caught at Bowery, however, Paul Dempsey again stood out, as he did at last year’s Brooklyn transplant of the BBQ (though at that time he appeared as a solo act). I’m sure the hot sun and free lager will add vastly to the atmosphere at this week’s real deal Aussie BBQ at SXSW, so be warned.–Photos by Eileen Murphy

Hungry Kids of Hungary