It would be hard enough to argue the artistic originality of a band whose curious name was created as the duo, (one French, one Nebraskan), were drinking wine in a French courtyard and came upon an anagram that ties them and their sonic idiosyncracies together to a T. It would be harder, still, to find fault with their latest album, Build With Erosion, since it goes beyond the realm of your typical aural experience. There isn’t a beat or nuance out of place, though the music itself is an almost impossible melding of genres and rhythms, from heady and playful electronica to post-punk, dub, soul, Afro-beat and hip-hop. It’s a lush listening experience that constantly builds upon and chips away at what you least expect, bringing all your emotions to the surface, with eerie vocals (which predominate for the first time on a Berg album), Eno-like spacial tones, isolated, intricate drum patterns and story-telling bursts of energy and movement that create an immediate and addictive, visual landscape. Listen and weep (with joy). (Team Love)