Are you stuck in New York while all of your friends are @you about the free BBQ at Stubbs, and “uh, another free beer on the bus, on the way to the free party at the Vimeo House” over in Austin? Hating this lonesome city and its upcoming spring weather? Well, a girl’s gotta do what a boy’s gotta do: donate a couple of bucks for Japan rescue efforts. After that, come meet your fellows at these NY shows happening this weekend.

Thursday 17th of March, Alcoholiday at Public Assembly

I don’t think this one needs much of an intro, you give someone at the door $20 of your cash, you step inside Public Assembly where you are greeted by tables of craft beer and whiskey all of which you can drink to your hearts desire. You know like an all you can drink thing, this is exactly what this is, it’s brought to us by the MeanRed folks who call it Alcoholiday. Tunes by Dj Ayres, Project Matt, Skinny Friedman and Chances with Wolves.

Friday 18th of March, Lady Bree‘s Birthday Bash at Glasslands

Bree Birthday Soiree

Lady Bree’s birthday. She’s turned out yet another year of great lineups, shows, life and comedy. Come celebrate at Glasslands with Electric People, Madam Robot and the Lust Brigade, NT, Stalkers and Beacon. On the DJ deck is Andy Animal of Stalkers and Food Stamps. 286 Kent Ave, $7.

Visit the Facebook page for all info.

Saturday 18th of March, S!CK at Santo’s

This show might have something to do with us staying in New York. Let’s see, Salem, I think they’ve been getting some attention, hmm, well, their live show is now amazing, their sound is as progressive and dark and emotional as ever. Combined with the best lineup, this show is not going to kill it. This show is going to. Make. It. Live.

Present here are Lil Ugly Mane, GHXT, Black Hearted Diamond Boy, Shams, Food Stamps, Blissed Out and Gospels. A few great DJs, Becka Diamond vs. XMOFOX, MDMA Arthur, Cool Hand Luke vs. Aaron K. A few great unannounced guests.

96 Lafayette btween Walker and White. $25

See you tacos there.

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