As I mentioned Soars opened for Salem at Johnny Brenda’s in Phily, this is two days after the whole S!CK party thing you may have heard me mention a few times, ahem. Found some great video from this show, peep them here.

Soars “Ditches”

David Kresge of Soars also sent along some stream of thought about the show, well the part of the show having to do with playing with Salem.

“Salem was totally great!… her voice, the guitars, beats, sub lowwwww synth bass and the lightshow (they had like 30 gigantic flouescent lights that flickered with the music and then blasted the crowds corneas)… so good. ant [Anthony Perett] said it best: like a dark M83. Plus, that girl [Ed:Heather Marlatt] is the nicest person. Real down to earth and friendly.”

“Yeah they all were nice. They were stoked on our set. They weren’t fucked up at all. Just hanging out at their van, talking about the best way to roll up their socks in their duffel bag, haha.”


Salem – “Traxx”

“Oh and Salem’s smoke machine was A+ and there were girls dressed up in cloaks and black headwraps. Witches.”

– As told to the author by David Kresge of Soars.

– Amazing videos by Piligrim’s Progress

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