This video teaser for ‘Taking Over The Dancefloor’ from Nadia Oh doesn’t have the intellectual heft of this New Yorker article about the jaw dropping murder mysteries and the parallel governments in Guatemala but on the other hand the article on Guatemalan politics doesn’t whip me into a dancing frenzy yelling: “Bring Me Bottle-Ton Hostess-Ton Swagg-a-Ton!”. It’s difficult to pick a favorite lyric, but the top two for me are the bits about “Poppin-Ton / Upp in the Clubbin-Ton Kate Middle-Ton (Swagg!!)” and the bitchy phrase spoken to the off-stage bottle service hostess “Bring another bottle/Girl do you follow/Throw your wallets in the sky”. The inclusion of the karaoke style lyrics and some of the backing track makes me think that this song could become something of this summer’s Macarena.

Let’s see how the words of genius virgin Friedrich Nietzsche would look like when run through the MoOmbahton machine:

A casual stroll-a-ton
Through the lunatic asylum-ton
Shows that faith-a-ton
Does not prove any-thing-ton.

Well now.

After that check out this video from Metronomy called ‘The Look’ taken from their forthcoming album “The English Riviera.”

It’s a beautiful and catchy tune, the video is stark and classy.

And of course if you haven’t yet check out the premiere of the Beacon video ‘Last Friday Night’.

(Hat tip to oOoOOo for humming the Nadia Oh tune on twitter)