The Creators Project, a cultural and technological alliance between Vice and Intel which supports and fosters the work of upcoming artists worldwide, has partnered with Coachella to make the music festival experience that much more fantastical, futuristic and grand. Epic multimedia art installations and an evolving main stage, crafted by United Visual Artists, will prove to be highly dramatic visual experiences on a par with the stellar lineup of music. Some of the biggest acts playing, such as Arcade Fire, Animal Collective and Interpol, will collaborate to transform their stage sets into something never before seen in the history of music festivals.

Interactive architect Muti Randolph will transform the Sahara Tent with a giant light installation (see image above) to recreate his renowned Sao Paulo club D-Edge.

Director Jonathan Glazer will team up with Spiritualized to “create a physical manifestation” of the song “Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space,” inside a cathedral-like space designed by Graft Architects. Check out a preview here.

The Creators Project is providing the resources through The Studio to emerging artists, so that The Creators Project in 2011 will turn from a celebration of creativity into a proper benefactor providing artists with the resources, technology and assistance to make original works and facilitate collaboration with other artists and get their art the proper distribution it deserves.