Artist/musician Hrishikesh Hirway creates lo-fi lullabies and sparse, landscape-oriented electro songs that meld with dreamy lyrics to would suit the smart somnambulist in you, or in Hirway’s case, the driven insomniac. Violins, courtesy of St. Vincent’s violinist Daniel Hart, play on the music’s perfect balance between loneliness and elation, hopes conquered and lost. Hirway, based in L.A., has collaborated with the likes of Daedelus and the dublab crew, an online, experimental electro radio collective, so that may tell you something about his musical mind. Megawatt producer Tony Hoffer, who has worked with acts from Air to Beck, acted first as “advisor” for the album, and later, came aboard to mix, and that’s definitely added to the purity of this album’s fine sound. (Dangerbird)