Lady Bree and her Psychic Psychos at Local 269 (easy enough it’s at 269 Houston St.) starting somewhere on the plus side of 9PM. No real psychos, just a bunch of musical, interpretive, dancing, inspirational poetic psychos.

Say No! To Architecture? That’s a good one. Also with The Young Friends, Gross Relations, Psychic and our darrrrlings Beacon.


David Foster Wallace’s “Pale King” reading day is April 15th. All damn day, at least while the sun is out. The unfinished novel is also finally available at all the book stores, which is kind of a huge joke on behalf of Amazon since they’ve been selling this particular crack for at least two weeks. I just got mine today, the sloped pages, what do you contain?

Tomorrow Night

RINNNSED? Rinsed it!¬†I’m going to rinse it in the best possible blood available, and ew, I don’t think it’s tiger blood, because that whole meme is done since we are children without attention spans. On the other hand since Blacky II and his partners are going to make it rain blood on the dance floor, I’ll probably just wear my proper painter’s outfit.

There is an open bar from 10-11PM.

Beacon are also making a special live appearance at this one around 11PM.

IT COSTS $2 to dance like a maniac with wonderful people and have great cocktails all night long. It’s at the Public Assembly Loft (map).

I can’t even turn off the caps lock/bold while writing about this party. Very excited.

Blacky II had a funny interview with The Huffington Post, America’s most “we are not left nor right, we are just¬†direction less” news source. Would you like to have a photograph with Arianna Huffington? Oh, no? Well, she probably will not come to this, something about AOL generation.

Here are all the links you need to know:

Rinsed It!

Facebook Blood Rain

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