British-born Tom Vek released his percussively infectious and raw debut album, We Have Sound, five years ago, self-produced as a solo work, mainly on an 8-track in his garage. He then willfully disappeared, and became a mysterious figure, especially bewildering for a guy who was then just in his early 20′s. Multiple fan sites and Facebook pages such as “The Tom Vek Detective Agency” popped up, trying to discover where he’d gone and what he’d been doing. All that can now be put behind us since Vek has made a comeback with Leisure Seizure, to be released June 7, 2011 on Downtown/Coop USA/Island Records.

The experimental, multi-instrumentalist Vek still seeks to remain in “complete control of his creative output… and the second album’s creation was two-fold: a 3 year set-up period followed by a 2 year stretch of musical output. A process encapsulated up in the album’s title, Leisure Seizure.” To create the second album, Vek found a studio space in east London, and spent time teaching himself new skills as producer as well as building up new equipment before he started back in on the creative process.

The first single, “A Chore” is accompanied by a clever concept video, with Vek acknowledging his long absence in a deadpan, yet mischievous way. One man’s desert island is not everyone’s ideal.