Apparently, in a dark haze, the Being in charge of the apocalypse has decided to use bingo as a means of distributing food and drink among the scantily-clad youths instead of whatever weapons Kevin Costner brought along with him to the set. “Bingo?”, you say, and try to come up with a witty joke about dandelion heads and missing dentures. Yet, this bingo party has been rocking New York boroughs for at least a year now (and London even before that). I went to a few, it’s all true: great music, dancing, madness, funny MCs, secretive vibes (as gambling is absolutely the most illegal thing in the Lottery States of America), and the aforementioned scantily-clad everyone. Photos from past events are available for your perusal at the Rebel Bingo tumblr.

So for this Saturday, April 23rd, the David Sedaris of dance parties, Blacky II is giving you a chance to get in on the action at half price, just use the code BLOODY when purchasing tickets. Aaaand, our very own Kevin Costner is giving away two, TWO, tickets so email pronto to claim yours.

More info, including Martin Short quotes, is on the event page.