I was planning on having a nice relaxing afternoon, you know, doing cartwheels in the park, eating spaghetti pie, watching reruns of I Love Lucy, but instead my email inbox brought me word of this hip hop outfit out of North California called the Death Grips. They certainly live up to that name, I’m now a changed person: the sun is no longer shining, it’s searing, I Love Lucy is a violent tragedy, instead of cartwheels I arhythmically bounce around while listening to this group’s mix tape.

The video up there, with it’s resonant see-saw electronic beats, dropping guillotines of bass, elements of noise made visually literal all back the intensity of the story teller, makes psycho rap proud.

Check out some other videos for their singles on their youtube channel, and go friend these guys just so you can tell them how much they’ve changed your day.

  1. Death Grips is dope! Seems like a crazy movement is upon us cause this other group gahedindie is smashing shit too…kofgahedindie.bandcamp.com


    zabatay Reply:

    @C.M., Thanks for the suggestions, I dig so far.


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