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The Kooks to Release ‘Junk of the Heart’ on September 13

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The Kooks, who haven’t had a full-length release since 2006′s ‘Inside In/Inside Out’, will release their third studio album, ‘Junk of the Heart’, on September 13th on Astralwerks Records.

31 May 2011 | More

Gil Scott-Heron, Voice, Dies at 62

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There’s a saying that I’m not particularly fond of about the good dying young, the fashionable persona embalmed. The good die, the bad die, you only get one chance, it’s an un-penetrable world of confusion out there. Thankfully there was a Gil Scott-Heron, a person with a voice from beyond here.

28 May 2011 | More

Germany Germany Unveil ‘Natural’ Video, Perfect for Your Long, Lost Weekend

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Germany Germany, the artist alias of Victoria, Canada’s Drew Harris, just released the latest video from the newly-released album, Adventures.

27 May 2011 | More

Longevity ‘Legend’

I can watch stark b&w videos like this all day long, the intro is simple enough, fellas do something like a gun (nice use of a gun shot sample, but at this point White Ring own the gun shot sound) and ladies do some dancing. As the lyric goes this is a straight forward hip hop anthem, which makes it all the meta you want, just forget your analysis and dance it.

26 May 2011 | More

Afrobeta Added to The Identity Festival Lineup This August

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The synthtastic, lightning swift vocals and bass-heavy beats of Miami’s duo Afrobeta might be the quickest way to bring a little South Beach vacation vibe to you this summer.

26 May 2011 | More

The Shackeltons Shake Up Dominion, NYC May 26 with Seth Herzog and Craig Baldo Hosting

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The twitchy, feel-good, feverish and staggering PA-based Shackeltons, named after the esteemed explorer Ernest Shackelton, bring their “vibrating music that feels like a feverish gospel song aching for a warm blanket and a mother’s arms” to Dominion, NYC at 428 Lafayette St., NYC on Thursday, May 26.

25 May 2011 | 1 comment | More

Airborne Toxic Event: Two Days, Three Shows in Chicago

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Last week, I caught three shows by The Airborne Toxic Event, and all three were some of the best shows I’ve ever been to, simply put.

24 May 2011 | 2 comments | More

Check Out Family History on Bob Dylan’s Birthday

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Chase Pagan is one of those eccentric troubadour performers who blends honky tonk and high camp, armed with a set of golden pipes and gift of wit. No wonder we’ve followed him for years. His latest venture, the band Family History, has just taken it to the high road…

24 May 2011 | More

Children Collide Announce ‘Loveless’ Single, Video and Oz Tour

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Australia’s Children Collide first floored us with their ballsy performance at the 2010 Aussie BBQ and since then, they’ve gone back on home and we’ve had to appease ourselves with news of their remote happenings. We’re not sure when they’ll be back to the US, but at least we’ve got the new single, “Loveless”, out today, May 23, and a video to get us through…

23 May 2011 | More

Beacon ‘Rapture’

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This video from the boys at Beacon is the sort of thing that makes it possible to deal with the rapture morons, the science thugs and the East Village, Greenpoint, Tribeca “looting parties.” Now go out there and do something, something that’s at least as good, I dare you.

Watch the video->

20 May 2011 | More