Gospels is a proper noun that stands for the band with Taras Pantchenko, Ryan Brady, and Clayton Brandt (with Rick Dangerous doing the live visual tech and Brooke Manning providing some vocals). I’ll do this disclaimer this one time and any other time when I write Gospels, that’s what I mean: music by the band/collective that sounds much like it does in the video above and is described with a lot of ethereal and beautiful-like adjectives.

Now then, Gospels are going on a lil’ mini-tour thing. I believe it’s their first one of these, I’ll find out and update if I’m incorrect, so this is a good chance to see them somewhere which will probably be described as intimate. They played our S!CK party in March and wow, I could not stop hearing all the oooh’s and aaaah’s after their set.

Gospels Tour Dates (follow their tweeeeter too):

Thursday, May 5 8:00 pm COCO 66 Brooklyn, NY
w/ Punks on Mars, Ch-rom, & others

Monday, May 23 9:00 pm Home Sweet Home New York, NY
w/ Teaadora, Bright Future, Food Stamps, Sick Cells

Thursday, May 26 8:00 pm The Fly Wheel Easthampton, MA
w/ Arrington of Old Time Relijun, teaadora, still blue still turning

Monday, May 30 8:00 pm Str8 Cave Baltimore, MD
w/ Teaadora, Still Blue Still Turning, Omoo Omoo, Square PI, Dave Fell

Sunday, Jun 5 5:00 pm Nitetrotter Festival Chicago, IL

(Yes I realize that it looks like it’s going to take them half of may to get from Brooklyn over to Manhattan, har har laugh it up about the trains or something like that, I think this Thursday’s show can be included in a kind of pre-tour)