Floridian alt-rockers Sons of Hippies blend dynamic riffs, impressive vocals and prog flourishes on their appropriately-named second album, A-Morph. Singer/guitarist Katherine Kelly has one of those enviable rock voices that makes an easy sweep from Pat Benatar heights to Patti Smith-style sweetness on standout songs like “Man or Moon”, and as a stellar singer/guitarist, she proves to be the perfect match for singer/drummer Jonas Canales and his formidable, up tempo beats. Flag-waving, epic choruses and lofty themes abound, especially on songs like “Daydream Nation”, (a nod to Sonic Youth’s classic), but never get too cringe-worthy since the band’s musical prowess is strong enough to keep lines that sound preposterous and over-arching on paper, (“We fight for freedom and we fight for faith/we fight for children and we fight for grace”), afloat. That’s quite a feat. The band’s latest single, “Somnambulist” reveals their more ethereal and psych side. The song, awash with airy, overlapped vocals and guitars and an impressive, punchy backbone is a step up in Sons of Hippies’ compelling and passionate sound. –Selina S.

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