“Seduction of the Armageddon Witches” is the latest video release from mysterious European (they place their location in Kabul or “between East Germany and East Russia” which is a rather large swath of, mostly, Russia) dark act , Mater Suspiria Vision.  Written and directed by Madrid-based artist Diego Barrera, “Seduction” is Mater Suspiria Vision’s first video to be made by anyone other than band creative mastermind and (being of the elaborate name), Cosmotropia de Xam.  Surreal and colorful, the video explores themes of the duality in human beings, the masculine and the feminine, human and animal.

“Seduction of the Armageddon Witches” will be released in June as a limited-edition vinyl 7″ on MNWKA Records and available in CDr form from a few websites, check the Mater tumblr for updates.

(Ed Note: Seems that MNWKA is the name of the Mishka record label as that spelling follows the way one would spell Mishka with the Cyrillic alphabet, however, the internet references are vague — for one there is no website for MNWKA Records that I could find).