Today’s Death Grips video is Takyon; it has a full plot and a guest appearance by MOM, who must be a really hardcore person, because how else could you be around such intense energy? For the record, the whole video kills it (it even has a subtitle: Death Yon). See it here first, or just see it again, no skin off my back as long as you just see/listen to it.

This is also a reason to re-watch the Guillotine (it doth go yay) video, these are the things you’ll be sentimental about in like 2025, when your rocket powered legs no longer propel you as fast and you can only handle death matches 3 times a death week, and even then only on the death weekend or death Thursdays.

P.S. July is promising to be a good death month, I’ll just say that much.

Ah, hell, here’s a skateboarding video done well too.

Also go buy their album so we can smash each other with happiness.