In a somewhat singular instance people who leave comments on Youtube videos actually sound sane and on top of that suggest ideas that sound attractive. This instance happens to be on the White Mystery video that we’ve embedded up above, and the comments in particular read like this: “THEY ARE´╗┐ FULL OF FIRE!”. See with the caps lock fully engaged these ginger troubadour rockets are going to take you away tonight.

With that intro I suggest that you go and have your own snu snu shake at tonight’s show at Public Assembly. The show is organized by our pal Lady Bree and so of course, why stop at one good thing when we can have 5 good things, there are a few others on the night’s bill.

Starting 9pm sharp and setting you back $8 at Public Assembly (70 N6th Street, Bleeding Heart of Williamsburg, New York):

Brownbird Rudy Relic

American Sun

The Othermen

White Mystery (Chicago)

The Psyched

  1. <3 you