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In The Mix Bag: Wu-Tang, Araab Muzik, Salem

Wu-Tang Clan - Laced Cheeba (Feat. Ghostface, Sean Price, Trife Diesel, prod. by Noah Rubin) from the new Wu-Tang album that’s set to roundhouse you on July 26th. Everyone who got the Wu-Tang logo tattooed on their body/face has been vindicated many times over, here’s another star track in the never ending dynasty.

Then there’s Araab Muzik and Salem…

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The Pains of Being Pure At Heart Hit the Road This Summer

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Yes, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are coming back East this August, so do not despair. But first, they will appear at Grant Park in Chicago, IL for Lollapalooza 2011 on August 6th

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Quill Quasar: Now Hear This (This Year, I Free the Music)

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It’s lucky for Brooklyn-based Quill Quasar that he has an in with the astronauts, since his one of his main tasks, besides creating lasting hip-hop/rap/R&B tunes, is to “travel races throughout the galaxy in search of the only thing that can save earth from its impending doom – Love.”

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The Kooks Kick It Up at Bowery Ballroom, NYC, 6.27.11

The Kooks went on just minutes past their slated 9:45 set time and the sold-out crowd’s energy was barely containable…

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Nick Cave and Neko Case Pair Up in True Blood with “She’s Not There”

What better to stick your fangs into than a duet between the dark crooner, Nick Cave, and smoky-voiced chanteuse Neko Case, fulfilling our most vivid vampire dreams set in the moody, fictional town of Bon Temps, Louisiana?

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Friday Starts the Weekend with Thee Oh Sees and Xray Eyeballs In and Around Northside Fest 2011

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We got to Knitting Factory on Friday night for Kanine Records’ showcase, but a damning few minutes too late, asked to join the badge cut off line, the side-of-the-rope coral for those waiting until another badge-carrying Northsider left. Instead of being patient, we opted to have a drink at the bar and say hi to Lio Kanine, Sune Rose Wagner and friends.

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Underground Rebel Bingo Party July 25th

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At the end of Underground Rebel Bingo you win a thousand dollars or a thousand followers or a thousand drawings on your body and a hazy post party date where you maybe have spent the thousand dollars and lost a bunch of followers but the rest of them will help you piece it all together the next day. Regardless you have chosen your own adventure and did it with the best soundtrack around.

Follow this event trail for all of the info about tickets and location. We have two tickets to give away, which you might want since they are mostly sold out, retweet this post for a chance to win those.

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Araab Muzik – Let It Go

This song was made by Aarab Muzik in his stalactite beat cave, so much piercing, blueish natural precision, mathematical complexity and otherworldly beauty. This is off of his latest EP Electronic Dream that has been burning up the intertubes, this album is a fire breathing dragon leaving that cave. We’re not usually telling people what to do (wait, yes we do), but you should acquire the whole album (the tracks all go one into the next so it’s great from start to finish) on Amazon.

We can’t wait for this July 21st show in New York.

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Planningtorock: In Maximising the Other Self, the Voice Comes Alive

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Planningtorock conjures such ferocious power and wonder in the songs and visuals on her latest album, W, that it seems almost sacrilege to reveal the “secular” name of the artist behind the work. While working as either songwriter, performer, video artist or producer, Janine Rostron constantly pushes the boundaries of gender to transform herself…

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The Walkmen to Tour with Fleet Foxes This September

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The Walkmen, currently playing UK dates such as this weekend’s sold out Glastonbury Festival, will take on a U.S. tour this September with Fleet Foxes.

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