The jugular, rocks-off mentality of songs off the bulk of the last two Arctic Monkeys’ albums may be put into the sidelines on Suck it and See, but the Monkeys still maintain much of what made them a balls-out, crowd-surfing-worthy band from the onset.

Singer Alex Turner has allowed his lovelorn, polite Britishisms to be at the forefront this time around, but that doesn’t let songs like “Brick by Brick”, “Library Pictures” or “Don’t Sit Down…” to go surpassed by way of crooning into maturity. Live, Arctic Monkeys are still more than a stage-diving, Homme/Sex Pistols/Libertinesian force to be reckoned with, and they do it with such panache, it seems no band has done it before. If you let this album sink into your pores and live there, (as the title and art plainly suggests, those sarcastic Northerners!), you’ll find Alex Turner and his stellar band get to the meat of their Monkeyisms even more than they’ve done before, even during their long hair/Josh Homme periods. If you can forgive Turner his lust for girlfriend, you can laud the Monkeys’ latest classics, such as “The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala”, which mix their penchant for Sheffield’s 50′s crooners (in leather) and grungiest punk rock to new heights, all with a clever Turner twist.– (Domino)