It hit a hundred in NYC and then hailed, but as of today, you’re in for a weekend cool down.

HAM‘s back this Friday night at the taxidermy-dreamin’ Bedlam, and we don’t mean no stinkin’ cold cuts! If you prefer not to deal with the L train, stay in the burg for another Rinsed-It, right on N. 6th at the Public Assembly loft upstairs.

Hard Mix, who we’ve featured recently, is at one of the local Williamsburg venues we’ve found to have the best new a/c, Glasslands, on Saturday, June 11, with others, curated by their fab label, Dovecote. $10/$14 after midnight.

Von Haze, fresh out of the studio, will join Flow Child and Doldrums at Cameo Gallery, a show that will meld the electro, worldly-broom-spinning witch with the epic romantic/sinister, just down a few blocks on N. 6th. This is an early one, 8 til 11pm, for $8.




That same night, Gospels and friends, more specifically, Gospels, Arc Light, and Sunny Blondes, are playing a show at the UC Lounge at 87 Ludlow. Guest DJ’s Emma and Christina with paintings by Zack Decker, Eleni Kontos, Jill Pucciarelli, Ryan Brady, Taras Pantchenko and Ray Duer. This arty one’s free, mate!