We eased into the first night of Northside Festival 2011 with two great NYC bands playing aside from the main Williamsburg frey, at Coco66. BRAHMS’ Drew Robinson spun in the main room between sets, while a second Dj, permanent grin on his face, kept the bar area out front feeling as if on a permanent vacation with languid Euro lounge, a perfect match for the balmy night.

Dead Leaf Echo played a subdued, but emotional set, topped off with new single “Verisimilitude”, against a cinematic backdrop, dotted with everything from candle flames to 60′s film vixens frolicking in the surf.

Zaza are always impressive, and now, even more so. The trio featured singer/bassist/keyboardist Jenny Fraser (once of the Warlocks) trading vocals with singer/guitarist Danny Taylor playing their latest intricate, epic songs off the digitally-released Sacred Geometry, while percussionist Dru Prentiss gave it all a fiery, tribal backbone.

Photos by Teresa Sampson

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