It’s lucky for Brooklyn-based Quill Quasar that he has an in with the astronauts, since his one of his main tasks, besides creating lasting hip-hop/rap/R&B tunes, is to “travel races throughout the galaxy in search of the only thing that can save earth from its impending doom – Love.” Though Quill Quasar can’t always be found in person, since he’s got to take off into space at any given moment, he’s still able to transmit his timeless song transmissions to we humble earth-dwellers, so in effect, he’s with us all along.

As Quasar sees it, we’ve got to get beyond our “selfish desires” if we want to find peace. If finding love is one of the first steps, perhaps experiencing Quill Quasar’s music is the next. Though his clever, eclectic songs have led him to be compared to such artists as Kanye West, Pharrel of N.E.R.D. or a “fusion of Outkast and LL Cool J,” Quill Quasar’s futuristic, rhythmic love jams are all his own.

What year did you start playing out as Quill Quasar?

In 2007, the Creator gave me a vision of spreading love to those around me who were suffering, by letting my light shine through lyrics and harmony.

What is your favorite venue/city to play?

I’ve landed at Public Assembly in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn a few times. I really enjoy the raw feel of the space. All music, no pretense. Plus, the audience in that area always give you energy and the staff is cool.

What’s your funniest performance or audition story?

The very first time I landed in Public Assembly to perform, I was rocking in their 2nd stage room, which is a little smaller than their main stage area. Now, I usually perform with shades on to reduce the brightness of the spotlights, but my shades made it hard to see where the stage ended, and I walked clear off the front of the 4-foot stage mid-lyric, by accident, during my set. I was shocked as all hell and my knee was kind of jacked up, but luckily, I landed on my feet and the crowd loved it. So, now I jump in the audience every time I rock a show.

What was the strangest or most interesting thing to happen to you as an artist?

My life has been a hard one, and since I endeavored to do music, it hasn’t gotten any easier for me. At a certain point, I was seriously going to quit doing it all together, because I just wasn’t seeing the results I wanted in a timely fashion. However, as soon as I shared my decision to quit music to my inner and outer-circles, there was an overwhelming response to keep it going. I had no idea that so many people really enjoyed and were inspired by the music I create, so much so that a void would be left in their minds and hearts if I stopped supplying them with my futuristic love sounds. It was then I discovered that the art you create is a living, breathing thing, much like a child. You must protect it, develop it, and never forsake it, knowing one day it has the propensity to do great things in the world around you. That’s Truth!

If you could meet any musical hero living or dead, who would it be and what would you say to this person?

I always wanted to meet Stevie Wonder and ask him, “what does he see in his mind’s eye that allows him to paint these beautiful musical pictures in song?” Many who possess sight cannot translate such beautiful musical imagery.

Is Quill Quasar still “lost in space” on the loveship currently or is he based in Brooklyn?

My whole persona is metaphoric. As I see it, this world we live in is like a galaxy with different lands posing as planets, and the inhabitants of these lands are like earthlings, aliens, and miscellaneous life forms.  As I look around in this world, it is obvious to me that we are dying from a lack of love and inspiration, the cause of which is by our very own hands, due to the negativity that we dwell on and perpetuate each day. The Loveship represents your heart, the craft that carries you throughout this galaxy and various worlds as you interact with life forms in search of love. In this way, many of us are on a Love Galaxy Patrol.

The term “lost in space” refers to a time when my Loveship guidance system was down after a brutal battle with Hater-Invaders, and I was adrift in this world with no direction. Currently, I’m still trying to restore my loveship computer to its full capacity. However, in real life, I roam the streets of space station Brooklyn and beyond, feeling the vibrations of those around me.

What are you currently working on?

Almost two years ago, I finished an EP called The Lost Loveship Transmissions with one of my producers, IExist, which touches on a time in my metaphoric story when my Loveship guidance system was down and abstractly explores the elements and effects of sex and relationships. I plan to release that in July. I also have been working on a mixtape that is a reinterpretation of Prince’s music, called the Purple Quills of Quasar, which will precede The Lost Loveship Transmissions, and is a fun departure from my metaphoric persona. Lastly, I’m putting the finishing touches on my full length album Loveship Microchip: Alpha, which again is an abstract look at society and its fixation on drugs, money and sex. This year, I free the music.

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    tiffany Reply:

    @Joey, Nah, I think he sounds more like Q-tip, but smoother.


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