Wu-Tang Clan - Laced Cheeba (Feat. Ghostface, Sean Price, Trife Diesel, prod. by Noah Rubin) from the new Wu-Tang album that’s set to roundhouse you on July 26th. Everyone who got the Wu-Tang logo tattooed on their body/face has been vindicated many times over, here’s another star track in the never ending dynasty.

Araab Muzik – Free Spirit. IT’s probably pretty safe to get Araab Muzik’s logo on your body, in fifteen years you’re likely to be just as proud of it. Come to think of it, I should probably be getting a “future” tattoo, what’s a future tattoo? Is it a retro tattoo with reinvigorated spirit? Is it a massive entry in my twitter that will can never be scrubbed out? This is one of those questions Stanislaw Lem, Kubrik or Luc Besson never answered (well his answer was a tattoo in white ink, which, come on — stupid). His gem of an album, “Electronic Dream” is out on iTunes.

Salem – Blonde Redhead “Penny” Remix. I’m loving this, the original track is in a slow gaze, err, drag genre (for those just tuning in those are some monikers that used to be ascribed to Salem’s own work), this remix brings it out of it’s catatonic state to a tarantella dance off. Almost everyone involved already have cool tattoos. Also? King Night.