We arrived early, shocked to find a mini line forming before 9pm to get in to see Diamond Rings. It was surprising to see such an impressive display of black-clad lovelies before sundown, one was tall and slim, with severe blond bob and sequined jacket and leggings, and another two with her, wearing iconic, yet chic black, baggy mixed with tight pieces, and unlaced boots, just as Mr. Wang prescribes.

We were quite taken by our first entry into Club Europa and fascinated with its glam, aesthetic details: shiny, faux patent croc wallpaper going up the staircase walls, and upstairs to the main dance room, with its dulled bronze metal beads hanging to separate the “green room” and hall to restrooms, red velvet tufts to sit upon, round mirrored tables, quasi-art-nouveau signs telling us whichroom is which. Added to that is an impressive rack of lights and mirror ball, beat up wood floors and raised stage, all giving this place its “Saturday Night Fever venue gone seedy” fabulous beauty.

We had one of the best rum cocktails of the weekend and BELL came on as openers, with Olga Bell, frontwoman, impressing us not only with her darling dimples, but her very impressive voice, reminiscent of Emiliana Torrini and at times, Bj√∂rk. Yes, she hits the notes. (Is this girl Icelandic?) She’s all charisma in both voice and keyboard (and, oh, her two bandmates are quite the powerful backbone). Their synthy-percussive set, armed with songs like “Dialtone”, gave us a sweet, spacey boost.

We had to eat dinner, so ran to Calexico, then home to don some sequins, (Why not dress for an occasion, since we live so close?), and back to Europa. The room was now packed and anticipating Diamond Rings’ place in the spotlight. There was just time enough for one more rum cocktail and chilling to some amazing tunes spun by Abbey Braden, Ms. Punk Photo herself, before Diamond Rings took over.

The one-man band wunderkind, John O’Regan, when not delving into producing/mixing duties for the likes of Junior Boys, Austra or Handsome Furs, is pretty much on tour, playing our decade’s Ziggy Stardust for a new, poppier age. His hair, currently, may resemble a certain period of Ice T, his makeup, mid-90′s electro, but he’s a full-on cabaret show, part rock, part pop.

Live, he’s a full-on unstoppable showman punk, but with practiced dance moves, whether on keyboard, guitar, or at the mike, with backing tracks. Having the crowd at your feet is no easy feat, after all. Even Scott, head of L and Brooklyn Magazines, who is running said show, was at the forefront with his posse, celebrating the last night of the festival by dancing to Diamond Rings. Diamond Rings is the most captivating, celebratory of acts for a wild weekend in Brooklyn. No wonder this dude’s just been signed to Astralwerks.