Taras and Ryan, the principles of Gospels have a very peculiar sense of the world, their music if listened by a gentleman who is growing a small pot belly while reclining on his sofa it sounds like the very epitome of down tempo relaxation but if said gentleman gets up after being prodded by his wife and looks at the visuals that accompany their songs he will be disconcerted at the violent images in the accompanying video. This is the thing, I think, these guys feel the grit and the pain of life, to balance that they make hidden landscapes in their music (if you can neither feel nor escape then creation is not for you, friend).

Marc of Fostercare is a very wily person, you would think that he would be satisfied being a behind the scenes producer, making hits that drill your subconsciousness, however he’s just right there smoking in your face. I think it’s his style, he’s less about bringing forward a mirror for you to look at yourself and more about smoke and showing himself. I think he’s very honest with his own thought, which is the most difficult thing to do (if you choose to do that it is: “life”).

Death Grips, what is this song no. 12? I think it’s song no. 12 on an impecable release, this is the song that’s going to get missed in favor of Guillotine and Spread Eagle, this is the hidden gem on the Ex-Military album.

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