Miri is a captivating, mainly instrumental quartet from Iceland that explores terrains of both the experimentally bombastic and meandering melancholic, merging the intensity of disparate rock worlds together and touching on everything in between in their virtuoso, spacey songs. The short second track, “Sumarið 2009″, plays with Ennio Morricone’s twangy, echoing desert moods in a two-minute breath before the avant-rock strangeness of “Hamingjulagið”, as if to prepare our ears for the odd chord structures to come. Though there is warmth and power in what Miri put forth, this is not easy music since its deftness comes with a price of prog tendencies and startling structures. If you are in the market for a band that will take you to unpredictable heights, look no further and end your day riding a rocket to a glacier.–Selina S.

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