And now for a little local news… CO-OP 87 may have started its stint with a soft opening in fall 2009, but this Greenpoint, Brooklyn record store has now expanded its selection, not only showcasing limited edition vinyl from NYC labels like Mexican Summer, Captured Tracks, Minimal Wave, Rvng, and Group Tightener, but now, handpicked, rare albums from all genres and eras.

Mike Sniper, Keith Abrahamsson, and Mike Catalano, (who are known for running the local labels Mexican Summer and Captured Tracks, as well as formerly operating shops like Academy Records in Brooklyn) took this relaunch of CO-OP 87 upon themselves, reinventing the space as a must-visit record hunting locale, filled with heavenly vinyl discovered in estate sales and unearthed in private record collections from coast to coast. CO-OP 87, located in an inviting spot on what we like to call “spooky street” (due to all of Guernsey’s towering, ominous trees), will be your source for hard-to-find, unusual albums.

The store officially opens this Friday, July 15, 2011.

CO-OP 87
87 Guernsey Street, Brooklyn NY.
Monday through Sunday, 12 pm-7 pm

  1. This is definitely the right address?
    That’s a residential apt building?
    Do I get to visit Mike’s apt?
    What buzzer?
    Do they have change for a hundred?