Dive in, chill out. Provocative singer Alex Winston will release her next album in January 2012, yet the title track will be released much sooner, on her 3-track Velvet Elvis EP, due September 13 via Island Records UK.

The artist’s enigmatic ways are revealed not only in her subjects and themes, such as title track “Velvet Elvis”, which explores the ways we can fall in love with objects in eerie ways (Elvis memorabilia, anyone?), but also in her singing style, with its combination of child-like, quirky tones, unexpected lyrics and powerful phrasing. Hear the title track now.

Along with her recorded work, Alex has been working on a documentary with different film makers, delving into some of the odd scenarios and ideas that worked as influential touchstones on her upcoming album, from the world of beauty pageants to those who make their living as fortune cookie writers.